Maximizing Pleasure When Spending Time with a Professional Escort

A one night stand with an escort can be so fun. You don’t have to do anything but enjoy your time with her. To achieve maximum sexual pleasure while spending time with an escort, try out the following tricks:

Have Sex With and Without a Condom

The length of your thrusts dictates the amount of pleasure you get in a round of sex. Wearing a condom helps you extend the duration of your thrusts by reducing the sensation to the most sensitive parts of the penis such as the head and the base. Wearing a condom is recommended during the first two rounds when the urge to ejaculate can be a bit uncontrollable, especially if she is super good at her job. After the first one or two ejaculations, you can enjoy having sex without protection to receive intense stimulation. Having sex without a condom will also speed up the time you take before regaining an erection after you cum since you can stick the penis in the vagina’s entrance to for a quick comeback. The idea is to increase the time taken screwing her and reduce the periods after you ejaculate.

Be Naughty

Sex is about achieving pleasure from the fascination of your partner. Enhance pleasure by doing things such as golden showers, cum on face, body, fellatio, cunnilingus, and swallows. Explore the dynamics of sex by focusing on other pleasures apart from penetration during breaks to give time for a hard erection. Suck the honey bee and let her urinate on your face when she can no longer control her muscles. You will love the fun of having your face wet when your tongue is deep between her legs. Enjoy the feel of her teeth gnawing on your dick and when it is time to cum, see how she reacts as she swallows your ejaculation and continues to plead for more.

Be Creative

Have sex in many sex positions to give each one of you a different taste makes sex more enjoyable. Missionary style sex has intense stimulation to the forehead of the penis while the doggy style gives you an all-round stimulation to the base of the penis. Besides, you will get to see how different parts in her body react to your thrusts by having sex in different positions which will increase your resolve to continue giving her more and more.

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